In 2006, the Packaging Industry in South Africa was worth R29 billion and consumed 2,7 Million tons of raw material. The SA Packaging Market Average Real Annual Growth over the last 5 years was 3%, while the Average Real Annual Growth forecast for the next 3 years is 2.9% (Source BMI Foodpack)

Packaging is produced using four primary raw materials and these are reflected in size ranking in 2006, as follows:

Volume Value
1) Paper 1) Plastics
2) Plastics 2) Paper
3) Metals 3) Metals
4) Glass 4) Glass

The Packaging Council of South Africa (PACSA) was founded in 1984, replacing the Association of Packaging Manufacturers. PACSA is closely associated with The Institute of Packaging South Africa (IPSA).

PACSA is a voluntary industry body. Its members are in three broad categories – Converters, Associates and Affiliates. The Converters represent some 70% of the R29 billion per annum revenue generated by the industry. Associates are in effect the major raw material suppliers, and Affiliates are customers and major recyclers. Collectively this body directly employs some 60 000 people in South Africa.

PACSA represents views of its members on National issues with particular focus on environmental matters.